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Complexed simplicity

2012 July 9
by Katie


Nothing is ever simple, even the simplest of ideas when acted upon evolves to reveal its true complexity.


2012 July 7
by Katie


Currently the studio has taken on a new lease of life working on an up and coming Collaborative exhibition. Some of the work will never leave the studio but at the moment anything goes!

I’ve been inspired quite a bit by the track S.A.L.T by The Orb. Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason for creativity but it’s best to just jump on board as you’ll end up somewhere and most of the time the destination is only a temporary stop off point anyway!



Dark Matter

2012 May 29
by Katie

At present I’m making my way through Dark Matter by Gregory Sholette which discusses past acts events and facts that assess Art and Politics in the age of Enterprise Culture.  As well as No logo by Naomi Klein. Both complement each other really well.

image: Open-cast mine – Face of Capitalism


24 Yaca

2012 April 3
by Katie



New Works

2012 April 3
by Katie




Spaced In The City

2012 February 27
by Katie

I’ll be showing some new work at ‘Spaced In The City’s’ first concept Multi-arts show, Link below for more details -

From the Studio

2012 February 15
by Katie



A snap from the end of todays studio activity – the large canvas has been staring me out the past couple of days from the end of the studio!




Figure Studies

2012 January 16
by Katie






Work in progress

2012 January 10
by Katie

Some recent activity from the studio…

Hand study







Painting the Human Form

2011 November 24

 Dundee Artist Society Talks and events - Painting the Human Form

16th December  presentation by Katie Johnston

Dundee Artists Society have asked me to do a presentation about painting the human. I will be discussing technique, method and approach to representing the human form through paint.